Hello Noisli. I like you.

Noisli is a background noise generator.

It's a supremely simple idea: a web app* that plays high-quality sounds that help you work, relax or sleep.

It looks like this:

Just click on the little icon and listen. 

Does a downpour outside your window help you get all droopy-eyed and lazy-limbed? Or perhaps the distant rumbling of thunder clouds? Wind whistling across desolate moors? The busy-body tweeting of a bird-filled forest? The cosy cracking of a warm fire? There's even a bustling coffee shop (this one makes me feel a little strung out though!).

You can double sound up too - or even play all sounds simultaneously (an interesting experiment if a little anxiety-inducing).

Personally, I prefer silence when I work, but I really do like this little guy's elegant and efficient design. 

*a mobile app is set to be released on 8 May 2014