Playing the social game ftw.

I attended the excellent-as-always News:Rewired conference last Friday where there was a heavy emphasis on the importance of the social web - the primary source of news for the under-35s.

Jay Lauf, publisher of web-only news site Quartz, delivered the keynote address. In just a year since launching, Quartz  averages 3.3million unique visitors a month. These figures are, says Lauf, a result of their approach to and emphasis on social, which accounts for 51% of site traffic.

In the digital age, the life of a story starts when it's posted online said Lauf. Here are his 3 tips for getting content shared and developing an audience from zero:

1. BE VISUAL. The web is a visual medium - use that to your advantage by creating visual content when and where you can. Infographics for example travel well on the web. 

2. FOCUS ON THE ATOMIC. Ask: what is the nugget? What's new, different, interesting about this content? Quartz get their writers to write their headlines in 140 characters before they begin work on the story itself. This helps the writer find the 'nugget' which in turn makes it shareable, says Lauf.

3. TELL STORIES THAT MAKE PEOPLE FEEL. Outrage, nostalgia, whatever it is, get your audience to feel something.