Problem: how to embed audio into multimedia stories seamlessly and inoffensively?

Solution: SoundCiteJS.

From the clever team of technologists and journalists at the Northwestern University Knight Lab, SoundCite is an excellent tool that lets you add inline audio to a multimedia story in 3 super simple steps:

1. Find a clip on SoundCloud (or create your own) and paste its URL into the box provided.



2. Use the SoundCloud widget to set the start and end points for your clip.

3. Embed the code into your website.

So simple! And it looks neat too. 

The example below - a Tame Impala review, which illustrates the SoundCite team have brains and good taste in music - shows it in action:



Tame Impala have never shied away from the sounds of classic rock radio, but Elephant is the first time they've gone deep into its mythology and symbolism. ... [It] initially sounds like a pure top-down songwriting exercise- as in, let's try to sound like the song's badass title. So, thick, one-note guitar riffs shuffle and stomp ...