A deep web newsgame and more creative journalism for "pissed off readers".

 Spanish/British journalism startup Acuerdo is using the crowdfunding site Kickstarter to push the boundaries of news journalism by creating: "major journalism for pissed off readers"* 

The idea is to present hard-hitting stories in an easy-to-digest way. Think: visualisations, animated infographics, texts, videos, docuwebs and video games.

With just over a week to go, the startup has raised  £24,463 of it's £45,000 goal thanks to 187 journalistically-minded backers. 

If their work-in-progress Deep Web newsgame, the result of a year of research, interviews with lawyers, hackers, police officers and users, which includes cool things like a virtual elevator called Eleva-Tor ("readers are immersed in our virtual elevator and will have to pass tests to catch fish that contain information and listen to the experts) is an indication of things to come, you can count me in. 


 *Idoia Sota, Acuerdo's chief executive and editor explained his "pissed off" ethos to journalism.co.uk:

We are pissed-off readers but we are also pissed-off journalists. It's this sentiment that when you face media you think they are not offering all that it is possible to be offered and you're not finding really good stories.
Maybe you see a good headline but then it's just a press release from an agency or just copy and pasted from somewhere else. Then you're disappointed. That's pissed off, when you're not finding what you're looking for.